control diabetesTrying to control diabetes in any way possible such as through exercising and dieting is a move that every person with diabetes needs to consider. Taking insulin and other medications are good but they can only do so much. However, exercising and dieting will enable one to lessen the effect of diabetes on your body making it very easy for one to thrive even after the diagnosis. For those who have advanced to type II diabetes, exercising allows them to even reverse this type of diabetes.

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Ignoring to take a very proactive approach to treating diabetes can cause one to develop liver, kidney diseases, heart diseases, high blood pressure, blindness, infections, stroke, diabetic coma or many more.

Controlling Diabetes through Dieting:

The word diet has a very negative connotation which is not really the case at all times. Many people think that dieting means that they will not be able to eat some god food or eat anything delicious but it is not really the case. With diabetes, it is only about planning to have proper and cleaner eating. At times, one is even allowed to cheat once in a while but to keep in mind the effect that it will have on their eating plans and how they are going to make adjustments to fit the result.  It is very important to avoid the foods that will make the blood sugar level to go up.

Creating a good diabetes eating plan will bring out very clear understanding on the different foods that affect their blood sugar levels so as to be sure on the foods to eliminate and those to include in the diet. For example, soft drinks need to be eliminated from the diet due to the fact that they are known to increase inflammation in the body and bring up the chances of one getting type 2 diabetes. Foods that need to be added into the diet however include complex carbohydrates and drinking lots of water for the same.

Controlling Diabetes through Exercising:

The best thing that one can do against diabetes is exercising. The effective type of exercise that is bound to work well may include walking, running, swimming, dancing, cycling and many more. Performing moderate exercises can lead to moderate weight loss which prevents any kind of resistance towards insulin. Insulin resistance leads to the development of type 2 diabetes so exercising is very vital in preventing all these complications that root from having diabetes. Improving sensitivity towards insulin through exercising will make it very easy for the glucose to be removed from the body and directly transferred to cells which need to make use of them efficiently. This helps in managing ones blood glucose level.

How To Break The Weight Loss Plateau

The most frustrating thing about weight loss is when you get to the weight loss plateau. The best thing is that it is pretty easy to break this weight loss plateau. When someone sets a weight loss target that he or she wants to achieve, it is usually a big target when they are kick starting, but after a short period, they start getting tired and start reducing the target slowly and slowly until they view it as achievable. After a couple of months, most people decide to stop losing weight all together and return to their previous eating lifestyles without checking their diets. This is the part of a weight loss program that is referred to as weight loss plateau. For the first week, most people tend to lose a lot of weight which is mostly constituted of fluid that is being lost.

Factors Contributing to Weight loss Plateau

Consuming insufficient calories or stopping the intake of calories all together, losing so much muscle, losing too much weight too, lacking discipline to adhere to your diet or eating plan, physical adaptation, having excessive ability, doing too much exercises than your body can be able to handle and also enhanced fitness levels can lead to weight loss. These are just but a few factors which contribute to weight loss plateau. They are however not the only factors that lead to weight loss plateau.

Consuming less calories than is advisable

In order to function correctly for a whole day, the human body requires utilizing at least 1200 calories. If a person gets into a crash diet formulae or program and consume much less calories that the body requires, the individual’s body will interpret a similar sudden move as famine thus will go ahead and reduce its metabolism. In such a situation, the body will stop burning fat and will instead resort to burning the muscle. This is because it will be storing the fat to help in providing energy during the mku8ch tougher times. What a person needs to go when they want to go on diet is to reduce their calorie intake. This can be efficiently calculated by use of Basal metabolic rate and then reduce 700 calories from the number of calories that your body may be in need of so as to stay healthy. You should however make sure that you have not gone below the required universal 1200 calories so as to avoid any casualties or complications of any kind. When you ignore this, one is likely to lose weight as it will be burned in place of fats that are supposed to be utilized. Loss of muscle on the other hand is a cause of weight loss plateau. One thus needs to simply live healthy.


Maintaining Good Oral Health

dental health brushingIt is very important for one to maintain good oral habits for the benefit of their general oral health. Just like any other part of the body, the teeth also need to be cleaned regularly so that they may stay healthy and not develop any complications. It is very important to start practicing proper oral habits at a very early age so as to keep your teeth strong.

For young children who are below the age of two, their teeth are still very delicate and fragile for brushing. But this does not mean that they do not need to have their teeth cleaned. One needs to clean them by using a damp clean piece of cotton regularly so as to avoid their delicate teeth from getting stained.  When the children get to two years, it is highly recommended to introduce the usage of toothbrushes that have very soft bristles so as to keep from harming their teeth and gums too.

When it comes to making tooth paste choices, it is wise to avoid the tooth pastes that are meant for adults to use as it may have chemicals that may damage tender gums. The fluoride in the adult paste is way too high for the teeth of a child to stand. It is therefore important to look for the children tooth pastes which are plenty in the market. These options have minimal fluoride so the child’s gums and teeth will still remain healthy and clean at the same time.

It is a good oral habit to brush teeth at least two times in a day. The one thing however that one needs to be very careful about is the usage of too much fluoride in their teeth. Overdosing on this may cause the teeth to develop white stains appearing in form of spots. This ends up weakening the teeth.

This however does not mean that one needs to avoid fluoride since it is very essential in maintaining healthy teeth. One only has to use the proper amount that is good for their teeth. Fluoride is a very key ingredient that helps in fighting off cavities and keeps the teeth brittle and stronger too.

Apart from brushing teeth twice a day, one is supposed to floss every other day so as to remove any plaque that may be stuck in their teeth that cannot be removed by simply brushing the teeth. Apart from this, it is always very important to schedule frequent dental exams like once every six months to have a dentist have a look at your teeth.

When brushing teeth, one should not forget the gums since this too needs to get cleaned for healthy enamel.